I have created this blog to share my experiences, feelings, thoughts, dreams and actions with all these known and unknown people who are willing to take the risk of living their lives seriously. I believe that the only way left for us, who are living in twenty first century, to live authentically, goes through an engagement of our existence with frivolities generated by modernism. The globally spread of cosmopolitan lifestyle is the true spectrum of the frivolous. Although modernism is dead by now but its ghost is still living. The coming of post-modernism is a positive phenomena but it should not be heralded as a new way of liberation. Because it is not another metanarrative. Cultural singularities must contest each other but in a friendly manner. Not to dominate, but to elevate each other. Anyone who is interested in such a pursuit should share his/her views here.
Waiting for the arrival of a few thinking minds.
Prabhsharanbir Singh


  1. Hi

    I came here via your comment on teerathyatra. What got me interested was the detail that you are a student of Philosophy.I too have been interested in studying it for a while now. But then I haven't got around to doing it.

    Since the last couple of years, I have been rather interested in phenomenology. Well, I suppose that is the term for what I really want to do my research on. I believe that nothing is a coincidence. The butterfly that flits across you or the accident that you missed or the movie tickets that you won...everything is part of something bigger, larger, and more potent. I wish I could corroborate that someday.

    Well, I hope you have a great site. A suggestion on what you could put up here - books or theories you have read, understood, applied, or ...maybe just thought about. :-) Again, all the best.

  2. hello mukta
    i thank you very much for your encouraging comments. i was a great solace to hear that someone realy interested in philosophy. here in punjab people really interested in philosophy are very rare. they simply dont have a taste for philosophizing. instead they are more interested in concrete actions. perhaps someday they will be able to find a philosophy of action which can interest them. till then i will have to find people like u.
    phenomenology is the most mysterious of philosophy branches. there are various phenomenologies i. e. husseralian, heideggrian and levinasian etc. phenomenology's contribution toward liberating us from inherited beliefs is really great. your idea about the concealed significance of usual and ordinary events is very fantastic. i request u to never leave it. it has a great potentiality.
    ur suggestions are really valuable to me. i will try to do these things as best as i can. i am new to this blogging activity. please keep in touch. ur comments can act as an inspiration.
    have a nice life.

  3. Hello,

    Good to see this blog. I have to learn more about the process of philosophising. I have been avoiding philosophy for many years as it was too dry for me. Music and poetry have been really helpful for me till I lost them due to my excessive involvement in politics. As i used to think, speak, and write in Punjabi, i was thinking that any interaction with philosophy would seriously affect the spontaneity of my expression. I considered to study philosophy only after I decided to speak in English, a whole different process, a terrible experience that would give me a realization of placing myself as the Other in this world. I was not clear enough and had this feeling of being nowhere, being speechless and was trying to convince myself that it was nothing so important. I shared this with Dr. Arvind-pal Singh Mandair and asked him why do we need to do any studies, why cant we just say whatever we want to say. He said that it was okay if you want to write in Punjabi,but where would you find an expression if you want to write in English. I did not understand it, but try to believe it. I think he is right but only if we need to publish what we write, if we need to be accepted by the audience right away. It is definitely a requirement to have a place in this academic world. I have to go through a certain process if I want to have a teaching position in some university, as I have to wear a suit and a tie if I appear for such an interview. What if I do not care for all this and I want to write just to express myself. Isn't this whole process of philosophising an obstacle in my way? Does it not affect my engagement with the world? Will I not compromise my originality just by being in this dialogue? I am definitely not for this dialogue currently going on as this is not the dialogue that just happens as result of a sudden encounter, this is the dialogue that is required for everybody to be accepted by the world. The western world which is considered to be the real world. This is the dialogue that you have to prepare for and qualify for it before you are allowed to participate. I simply do not feel like it. I am not prepared for this migration. Just leave the home because everybody else does, and just migrate where everybody has to. Why would not I stay home and protet it? I think I need a space for speech first, and then it would be possible to have a real dialogue as I feel like I have something to contribute in it. Something that would not remain the same if it has to go through a process of translation before it comes out. I think compromising your expression would be to compromise your Self.

    Prabhsharandeep Singh

  4. u ve caught the nerve of the problem. but remember that ur problematic situation can act as a vital clue for finding the solution. ur situation can be defined as borderly situatedness. this point is strategically very important to all post modernists, post colonialists and continental philosophers. never complain about ur situation. remember on thing; this world is always at war.in the worst situations, there are always better chances to test and show ur courage.
    ur remarks about philosophising are correct. philosophy is a problem for u because ur imagination is too rich and fast. philosophy demands a coolness of temper. which u lack. i will suggest to u that try to write as much as possible concentrating on fiction, poetry and short articles. i m sure that ur encounter with philosophy will enrich ur fiction and poetry also. and do remember that somtimes it becomes necessary for soldiers to camouflage.

  5. Hello,

    I look forward to the development of this blog. I am versed in analytic philosophy exclusively. For years I derided postmodernist and continental philosophy as sophistry cloaked in sloppy writing. Lately, I've become interested in it.

    After several years of philosophy, I'm coming to the realization that metaphysics is a fruitless endeavor. Philosophy cannot be prescriptive. But, if philosophy cannot construct it cannot destroy either. So what is left of philosophy?

    My hunch is that our refuge must be something descriptive (like poetry?), but that is frightening. Aesthetics and beauty are good, but I need to know how to save this soul in the most metaphysical sense. Living a good life is not enough.

    All this must be contradictory, I know.

    I look forward to your insights. I especially look forward to aggravating, frustrating arguments.

    --Sincerely, Randeep Singh

  6. hi Randeep
    i am thankful to for sharing your views with me. i think you are right about the uselessness of metaphysical pursuits. philosophy, in its analytical form, is actually a symptom of the psychology of these philosophers. the origins for the pursuit of a complete metaphysical system lie in the anxiety and dread which originate from an incapacity to face the complexity of human existence. because of this dread , man takes refuge in metaphysics.
    the history of western philosophy is the history of contruction of various metaphysical systems from plato to hegel. the contemporary world, in which we are living and in which we will eventually die is a derect consequence of these constructions. the first steps of continental philosophy consist in the destruction of these metaphysical constructions. so philosophy today is fighting itself. rather it is being exploded from within. its intermingling with literature and poetry. derrida has also said that his work is situated on the borderline between literature and philosophy. sometimes i think that the ultimate end of philosophy is to melt into a song. because the essence of our self and that of language is musical.
    the problem is not that we are unable to find a way to save our souls. the only problem is our anxiety to conceptully grasp the nature of that way without treading on it. every path which leads to freedom is risky. if we need to know it we will to tread it despite all the difficulties. any future philosophy can originate only from a participatory experience. the question is not to know the problem but to live them.
    please tell me more about yourself and what are you doing currently.

  7. Prabhsharanbir,

    Yes, Philosophy is now a destructive endeavor. Good philosophy, now, destroys its philosophical forefathers. You say this continental philosophy's first step. It seems so much leads to nihilism, and I see no second step. I have much to say and enquire about your post, but I'll save my ideas for your blog posts.

    I am an undergraduate at Berkeley, concentrating on philosophy of mind and language. I am perpetually bored and I hate reading philosophy and writing about it. Within this year, I've become obsessed with Wittgenstein's latter work. I am also well acquainted with Searle's work in philosophy of mind. I don't know how far I will take my involvement with philosophy of mind, but for now I have the hang of it. After I actually start doing some real philosophy work and studying (this upcoming semester I hope), I will tackle serious problems/questions. For now, I'm just lazy.

  8. im pleased you started this blog, and i look forward to your future posts.punjab couln't ask for anything more in these times.

    waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.


  9. hi randeep and jagwinder,
    i am very very thankful to you both for your encouraging comments. i am new to this blog thing. so i dont know its technicalities. you are welcome to post your views on this blog. plz advise me what i can do to make you able to post your views on this blog. i think u will have to become members? plz tell me what i can do actualise it?

  10. Sat Sri Akaal Prabhsharandeep,

    I just wanted to say how encouraging it is that some in the Punjab are reaching out to share their experiences in a way that demonstrates considered reflection.

    We, in the 'western' diaspora, have gone for too long without this kind of engagement. There is a lot we can learn from each other.

    I look forward to many more sites and the florishing of your discussions.. planting seeds around the world - good, another beginning.



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