Religion and Postmodernism

Although I am not a postmodernist, but I do strongly feel that postmodernism has created a space for the return of religion. Anyone can wonder where religion was gone all the time till postmodernism came on the scene? I believe that it was not gone anywhere but it was simply marginalised or rather wiped away from the public sphere by the onslaught of modernism. If it existed at all during that period, it existed in forms imposed on it by modernism. Now when modernity's robes have become rags, cloaks thrown by it on other things are also in shards. So, after a long period of domestication, religion today seems to be in a rebellious mood. I understand it as an epochal event. If religion manages to free itself from the clutches of modernist discourse in the coming days, then it is definite that the future of humanity is going to change decisively. Because this issue has vast significance, we must explore its vicissitudes with care and commitment.


  1. dear veer ji,

    you were asking about how you can post people's comments onto your blog. Basically, the comments are already there for everyone to read, and 95% of the people who read a post, are sure to read its comments too.


    of you do want to take the comments and place them under a separate posting, you can do so too. just copy and paste. copy the comments, the whole paragraph, if you want to, and perhaps edit your past posts(where the comments is to be added.)by pasting the paragraph there.

    if you want to take the comments and place them under a new posting, just go to"create a new post", and paste the comments in there.

    I dont know very much about philosophy, so i'll just sit back and read more. haha.but, i'll try publicizing your blog, and try get more people to come in and post their views, so a healthy debative atmosphere is guranteed. which will make it more fun, and more eduational.

    waheguru ji ka khalsa,waheguru ji ki fateh!


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