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A Ghazal

ਨਕਸ਼ ਫ਼ਰਿਆਦੀ ਹੈ ਕਿਸ ਕੀ ਸ਼ੋਖੀ-ਇ ਤਹਰੀਰ ਕਾ
ਕਾਗਜ਼ੀ ਹੈ ਪੈਰਹਨ ਹਰ ਪੈਕਰੇ ਤਸਵੀਰ ਕਾ

ਕਾਵ-ਕਾਵ-ਇ ਸਖਤ-ਜਾਨੀਹਾ-ਇ ਤਨਹਾਈ ਨ ਪੂਛ
ਸੁਬਹ ਕਰਨਾ ਸ਼ਾਮ ਕਾ ਲਾਨਾ ਹੈ ਜੂ-ਇ ਸ਼ੀਰ ਕਾ

ਜਜ਼ਬਹ-ਇ ਬੇ-ਇਖਤਿਯਾਰ-ਇ ਸ਼ੌਕ ਦੇਖਾ ਚਾਹਿਏ
ਸੀਨਹ-ਇ ਸ਼ਮਸ਼ੀਰ ਸੇ ਬਾਹਰ ਹੈ ਦਮ ਸ਼ਮਸ਼ੀਰ ਕਾ

ਆਗਹੀ ਦਾਮ-ਇ ਸ਼ੁਨੀਦਨ ਜਿਸ ਕ਼ਦਰ ਚਾਹੇ ਬਿਛਾਇ
ਮੁੱਦ'ਆ ਅੰਕਾ ਹੈ ਅਪਨੇ ਆਲਮੇ ਤਕ਼ਰੀਰ ਕਾ

ਬਸਕਿ ਹੂੰ ਗ਼ਾਲਿਬ ਅਸੀਰੀ ਮੇਂ ਭੀ ਆਤਿਸ਼ ਜ਼ੇਰ-ਇ ਪਾ
ਮੂ-ਇ ਆਤਿਸ਼-ਦੀਦਹ ਹੈ ਹਲਕ਼ਹ ਮਿਰੀ ਜ਼ੰਜੀਰ ਕਾ

A beautiful couplet by Ghalib

ਬ ਜੁਜ਼ ਪਰਵਾਜ਼-ਇ ਸ਼ੌਕ਼-ਇ ਨਾਜ਼ ਕਯਾ ਬਾਕ਼ੀ ਰਹਾ ਹੋਗਾ
ਕਿਯਾਮਤ ਇਕ ਹਵਾ-ਇ ਤੁੰਦ ਹੈ ਖਾਕ-ਇ ਸ਼ਹੀਦਾਂ ਪਰ

That is, what of the martyrs of the longing for sight now remains for Doomsday to cause to rise up? Indeed, in ardor for the appearance/glory of the entirely-coquettish one their dust is flying around, such that for them, the tumult of Doomsday is a cool breeze. That is, in their flight this breeze too will be a helper. And if you take its mirror image, then the meaning is that when a cool breeze came, it did the work of Doomsday-- that is, their dust began to fly in the ardor for sight.


She is considered by some people to be the greatest singer ever. She was born in Egypt. During her childhood, her father gave her training to recite Quran. It is said that she had the entire Quran by heart at an age of 12. Her voice is replete with the sweetness of quaranic verses. Her singing style was amazingly versatile. She never sung the any line twice in the same style. When she died in 1975, her funeral procession was attended by some 4 million people, which is one the greatest gatherings in the entire human history. Her songs can be found here.

The Spirit of Terrorism

The following is an insightful article written by French thinker Jean Baudrillard in the wake of september 11 attacks on world trade centre.

The Spirit of Terrorism
Jean Baudrillard
Le Monde 2/11/01

We have had many global events from Diana's death to the World Cup, or even violent and real events from wars to genocides. But not one global symbolic event, that is an event not only with global repercussions, but one that questions the very process of globalization. All through the stagnant 90s, there has been "la greve des evenements" (literally "an events strike", translated from a phrase of the Argentino writer Macedonio Fernandez). Well, the strike is off. We are even facing, with the World Trade Center & New York hits, the absolute event, the "mother" of events, the pure event which is the essence of all the events that never happened. Not only are all history and power plays disrupted, but so are the conditions of analysis. One must take one's…