A few days ago I sent S. this article; ‘The Philosopher’s Stone- Alchemy and Chemistry’. And she replied with an enigmatic question. Here are her own words:

sat sri akal.
thanks.its a good article. recently i had read the book 'The Alchemist'.
i didnt know the philosophical background of chemistry. but this novel was really interesting and now more details through your article .
one question please......... in this article,,,,,there is a list of 12 zodiac signs,,,,,, why 'bull' word of 'taurus' in bold letter.
rest is fine.

At that time, I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it was a simple “coincidence”. So didn’t think much about it. But it seemed strange to me. And today, when I was chatting with S., she asked me again and only then I was able to realize that it was not a simple coincidence. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

me: so you are really busy
S.: ya , you can say.
me: my situation is exactly opposite
S.: ok, thats also good.
me: completely idle
S.: ok , you have nt answer my ques. which i have asked you through mail.'
me: which one
S.: the ques is,,,,,,,,,,, about the article of alchemy which you had sent to me........... in it, there is a list of 12 zodiac sign. but only the 'bull'(taurus) in bold letter . why?
me: look carefully
it is not in bold letters
so you havenot read that yet
S.: yes it is in bold letter in my mail.
me: but in my copy it is normal
S.: i will back send this mail to you then you can check it by yourself.
there is some reason thats why i m asking this ques.
me: actully the original article is in pdf format
it also includes some images
but its file size is too big
cant be emailed
so i copy pasted it in microsoft word
whats the reason?
S.: my own zodiac sign is taurus,and from the whole article only one word is in bold.
me: thats amazing
a really surprising coincidence
S.: thats strange,,,, actually i believe in God's signs. thats why i m concentrating on this ques, again and again.
me: ok
then i will have to think it another way
S.: Prof. Sahib never want to use the word "coincidence"
ya you have to.
me: i have recently seen a movie
S.: which one?
me: v for vendetta
S.: i have nt seen it.
me: one character in it says
S.: whta?
me: God does not play with dice
it means there is no coincidence in life
but i cant understand how this particular word became bold
S.: i also believe no coincidence ata ll. but in your life,,,,,, God has written it as such.... so if something is happened. it will definitly have to be .
me: after reading your mail
S.: i also feel . why this is so?
its amazing.
me: yes its very amazing
when i checked my copy of the same article
it was normal
its a really good movie
you shoud see it
S.: ok i will.
wen will go to home ,,,,,then i can see it.
me: ya
i was taking your queston lightly
but from the very beginning
it looked strange
i will check it from my sent mail copy
S.: i also thinking that you are taking my ques lightly. but now you have to think that every light moment has some amazing means.
ok, wts your zodiac?
me: leo
i am sorry
i will have to go now
S.: ok.
me: it is hard to leave such an interesting conversation
i am sorry again
S.: no pblm.
ok. bye.
me: will talk to you soon
for now
S.: no i am also leaving within 15 mins. bec i have to reach hstl at 7:30 PM
ok bye now.

The question is really enigmatic. But the more interesting thing about it is that it points towards a metaphysical question: Is there any place of coincidence in life? If we think that there is a place of coincidence in life then the question is automatically answered or rather annulled. But if we believe the contrary as Prof. Jagdish Singh and V. would say, then the answer becomes necessary and very difficult at the same time. I don’t know what the answer would be but I do know that it would presuppose a variety of metaphysics, however obscure that metaphysics may be. Prof. Jagdish Singh can do that certainly better than me.
What I can do is a very different formulation of the same question. A formulation devoid of metaphysics. There are two sides to this formulation also. From the perspective of Indian tradition, the whole of creation can be construed as Leela. That is, a free play devoid of any pre-planned purpose. From the second perspective, that of continental philosophy, this event can be seen as an effect of Differance. It shatters any hopes of a fixed and final solution to the question posed and instead points toward endless play of meanings occurring within this single event.

I am wondering whether I have given any answer to S.’s question or I have left her with more questions? Lets leave it on her to decide!


  1. Now i realised that .......Why common people do not like philosophers?i want to talk more on this. but really busy. so talk you later.
    Miss. S.


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