Some Shots from my Morning Walks

These pictures are shot with my sister's new camera phone (SonyEricsson W810i). But unfortunately, it couldn't capture the fragrance.


  1. Truly you enjoy your morning walks Khalsa Ji.

  2. Khalsaji, You are a true nature lover

  3. faridkot v ena sohna hai, main sochya nahin si kade............

  4. Anonymou(S.) ji,

    Sundrta tan dekhan wale di akh vich hundi hai.

  5. Hi Gurjeet and Maninder,

    Thanks for your beautiful comments. I will like to know more about your interests. Keep in touch.
    "Always remember to stop and smell the roses."
    that is the golden rule of life.

  6. The fragrance, the textures, the sounds, of birds, of the silence of pani, of Bani coming from a Gurdwara far on the horizon- they are all there...

    Your pictures like your writings makes one want to be a poet,painter ,fighter,a Martyr...too bad it is not a matter of wanting but earning.


  7. hi anonymous,
    thanx for your mysterious comment (.).
    but i can't understand it .
    please explain it a little bit

  8. Is this a pind? I have seen pinds...when I was small.They are peaceful and purely beautiful :)u r so lucky that you live in a pind!

  9. Hi anonymous,
    it is not a pind. It is the sorrounding area of faridkot city. Its looks like pinds. and there is no concrete difference between a real pind and these surroundings. I enjoy my walks very much. Its Waheguru's grace that i am living in such a beautifl environment.


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