Some Comments on an Anonymous Comment

Last night at 2:14 a.m., someone posted this comment on my last post 'The Song of Silence':

Waheguru!!! it is it!!!! great work indeed!!!

A great comment indeed!!!! :)
Before we try to get a glimpse of the inner self of anonymity of any comment, we will have to think a little deeply about the activity of blogging itself.
Blogging, first of all, is a narcissistic activity. But this narcissism is no ordinary narcissism, its a beautiful narcissism. The narcissism of a blogger. A narcissism of blogging. A narcissism disclosing itself through blogging. Blogging then is the manifestation in cyber space of narcissism of the blogger. Blogging emerges when a prospective blogger is alienated from his immediate environment. Blogging is a kind of art, a new kind of cyber art, blooming in the virtual space through unartistic technological apparatuses like laptops and intenet connections.
Now, coming back to the comment. A comment is that which interrupts the unreigned narcissism of blogging. Comments are strange creatures who make us love selves who are other than our own. Thus, a comment is like a saviour who saves blogging from falling pray to its own narcissism. Narcissism remains always fraught with a danger of closing upon itslf by being imprisoned in its own being. A comment saves it from such closure. We short, we can say that a comment is that which deconstructs the narcissism of blogging and simultaneously opens it toward the possibility of living some other being than its own. But comments can also be dangerous in their own manner.
The greatest danger posed by a comment is its anonymity. This anonymity shoots the heart like the last words of a friend who departing forever. Words of the anonymous comment are words from a friend who is talking to us for the first and last time. Whom its almost impossible to meet again, impossible to hear from him again because if he speaks to us again then it will eternally remain undecided that it was the same voice which spoke earlier. Thus, every anonymous comment wounds the heart, opens the heart toward the other, the other who is also unknown. But there is faint ray of hope in such a situation. We can try to guess who is the author of the comment. So, lets try without wasting more time.
It cant be S. She has no internet connection at that time. It cant be K., because its not his language. It cant be PS., he seldom becomes anonymous being himself a blogger. Who on earth is this????
It might be A. But its not sure. There is no A. written at the end of this comment as it is with previous comments by her.
It might be P. Yes, there's all probability that its from P. If its by P., then the anonymity must be intentional. P. is angry with me. Such a comment at this time has not much probability. Then what should we do now with every attempt at guessing ends in obscurity.
It must be by N. Who is N.!!!!!!!!
N. is my Nameless friend. :) :) :)
This comment by yet nameless friend (I hope his name will be disclosed in future, or I pray so) has broken the hold of narcissism on me and at the same time it has wounded my heart with its anonymity.
I am now waiting with my wounded heart to witness the fading away of the fog of this anonymity and the emergence of the NAME of my nameless friend. Perhaps, it will heal my wounded heart.
The bliss of life lies in the pain of beautiful wounds.


  1. Hahahaha....Waheguru! it's me Anoop Kaur :)
    Nice thoughts again :)

  2. Awwwww....I am so sorry for that!
    Anoop Kaur :)

  3. Hi Anoop,
    i must thank you for your anonymity because it has enabled me to write so unique a post. I believe in unexpected events in life that make it extremely beautiful. Sometimes our mistakes open new horizons for us. It signifies that life is not a computer programme where every mistake makes trouble. Life is an unfathomable sea of wondrous joy where nothing can be totally negative.
    Your comment has made me think, nay experience this wonder of anonymous relations. I am now rethinking my views about technology. Once I was a staunch opponent of technological progress, but now i am starting to think otherwise. I am thinking of writing a reply to Profesor Dreyfus's essay 'Kierkegaard on the Internet'. He has criticised internet for promoting anonymous and uncommitted relations. But this is not always so. Anonymity can convert into familiarity and committment can pursue at any moment.
    Wondrous God
    This word harmonizes so beautifully with your thoughts which you express in your comments.
    So never forget this word which is not only a word,
    He is everything.
    He converts our mistakes into beautiful events.
    Remember Him and always live in wonder.
    Anonymity inspires wonder.
    Thats why i am also anonymous today.

  4. There's absolutely no need to be sorry about it. It has generated so much happiness. I think that we should always live such a carefree manner that such beautiful mstakes should becomes a regular part of lives.

  5. Waheguru...Waheguru!!! I have no words to express that u r awesome man :)I am ur fan...u r truly an artist :)
    Anoop Kaur

  6. the way u express ur self and ur emotions is wonderful!

  7. a word for u dude i dont know i found it funny i mean u couldnt have done it worse pursuit for mankind by measuring ur actions i hope u r not in politics man!

  8. Hi Indeep,

    I am not able to understand your comment fully. Will you elaborate it a little bit more for me.


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