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Prairie Winds Park

Today we went to Prairie Winds Park in Calgary. The breeze there was really cool. I have never seen a breeze like that before in my whole life. Its really a relaxing place. There is a small hill there and a little water park for kids. I wanna share some of the pics with you all.

Of Planes, Dreams and Folk Psychology

On the 27th of July, I flew from Amritsar to Toronto. My trip was planned so suddenly that I failed to inform all my friends about it. On August 1st, I received the following email from Aman:

Sat Sri Akal Bhaji,
This is Amandeep from Amritsar. Hor ki hal chal ai. Tusi tan achanak hi nikal aaye!
Parson di gal ai shayd jdon Prof. Sahib ton pata laga ke tusi bahr kitay chalay gaye ho. Os velay mere memory ch koch nahi ayeya, par rati Randeep naal galaan kardeya menu yaad aya ki pichli raat menu ik supna ayeya si, jis vich ik jahaaz day do hisay hoey hoey han, ( front te back) and they are being put together by a group of people/machines. And I am watching this from top of a hill nearby. There I meet you, you were quiet content, appan hath milaonay han, haal chal puch de han, te phir tusi fateh keh ke jahaaz ch chalay jana ho! khair, i hope tohada trip vadia reha. Are you in US or Canada?
chalo je time meleya tan phone kar leyo
Sat Sri Akal

And I replied back him thus:
Sat Sri Akal ji,
I am …