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The Dark is Rising

The dark is rising
All the gods have fled
and Nihilism reigns.

Life itself
is bent upon
committing suicide.

Criminality glows
and blood

My heart
long ago.

And Brain
is poisoning
day by day.

I can see
Angelic eyes
Still weeping.

The Innocence
The Beauty
And the Cruelty!

I ask
Am I still living?
Should I live?

After Him
Who can dare
to live?

I am lying
neither fully dead
no longer alive.

Senses are numb
Only a whisper
in my ears.

even if
there is
no one
to love.


When I first thought about writing this post, two names came to my mind, What is a Woman and The Enigma of Woman. But I felt that both these names spell masculine bias. Woman has always been treated by men as a mere thing or an incomprehensible enigma. Such a stance is bound to do injustice to women. But ironically, both these phrases are names of two books written by women about women. The former is by Toril Moi and the latter by Sarah Kofman.

Traditionally, men have always preferred to treat women either as a thing, which resulted in their exploitation or as an enigma, which resulted in romanticism. What women desire, lies beyond both consequences.

But who am I to decide?

Obviously, I have no authority to say the final word on these matters. But I do feel that most women will agree with my view that subordination and romanticisation is not that which they truly desire.

Then, what does a woman desire?

Does a woman desires most of all to be desired?

I don't think so. That would to…

MAHATANTRIC interrogates me

This conversation took place sometime during this summer at Amritsar. The main interlocutors are me and Kuldeep. The topic of the talk can roughly said to be the human condition at this particular historical juncture and the role religion and spirituality can play in this situation of crisis which can be named as Nihilism.

P.S.- It was recorded by Laadi with his mobile phone without our knowing it.

ਕੋਈ ਆਣਿ ਮਿਲਾਵੈ ਮੇਰਾ ਪ੍ਰੀਤਮੁ ਪਿਆਰਾ

Angel Death

I received this picture by Someone today. I am still wondering why anyone would like to send this picture to me. How is it connected to me? Why did the sender thought that I would like it? These are difficult questions. But upon reflection, I was able to see some connections.

The death of an angel is no ordinary event. It is an event of enormous proportions. It is spread out in centuries. And the time of its happening is no ordinary time. It must be a time out of joint.

The modern age is the age of the death of God and all the gods associated with Him. Nietzsche proclaimed the Death of God a century before. But this sculpture seems to precede him. It shows that the gods are being chased away from earth, as she is conquered by the sovereign and all powerful man. Now, the angels are in mourning. They are weeping and dying.

Look at the picture and you will find that a darkness, an ominous and terrible darkness is falling all over, as the angel lies dead nearby. This darkness is Nihilism. N…

Strange Connections- Roma and the Jatts

Roma is the name of a Gypsy tribe of eastern Europe. They are nomadic people. They have their own distinct language, culture and folklore. What have they got to do with the Jatts of Punjab?

A few days ago, my brother was driving through San Francisco and when he stopped at a traffic light, another car with two guys in it stopped beside him and one of the guys asked him in a loud voice: "Wanna sell your car?" My brother nodded and then both parties met in a nearby parking to finalize the deal. My brother was amazing that both these guys are looking like Jatts but apparently they were not as their accent showed. He asked them about their homeland and they said they are from eastern Europe and from Roma tribe. A long time ago Punjabi University Patiala published a book on the Roma people and their story of origin in Punjab and later migration to Eurasia in about 1050 A. D. He told them that we are related to each other in a curious way. Then the guys asked him what the eyes are …

Derrida- The Movie

Derrida is undoubtedly the greatest philosopher of 20th century. He is the father of deconstruction. He is a sort of celebrity. This is the first ever movie about his private life in which he discusses his secret self.
I have longed to see this movie for years, but it was not available in Punjab. Now I have found it at last. His thinking has made me a different person. My blog can never be understood without reference to the thinking of this man.

The Fragrance of Radical Hermeneutics and the Darkness of the Id

A few days ago, I came across these lines on H's blog:

"This flesh called "our body" often brings with it many emotions that are not exactly pious and drive us into the world of darkness. But I am in no way saying that darkness can always be a bad thing. If God created light, then offcourse he created darkness too, and offcourse self-awareness always can make you not only learn the vast light within you, but also the darkness in you too."

And after a few days, I received a comment by K. which runs thus:

"Although dangerous, this species of thought is certainly the most fragrant – the most beautiful indeed. What is so compelling about this thought? It allows one to love uninhibitedly – honestly and without the residual dark mask that looms perpetually overhead, visible to the other yet hidden from the self: the id. "

The species of thought about which K. is talking about is called Radical Hermeneutics besides other names.

A chain is being formed here.

The …