Angel Death

I received this picture by Someone today. I am still wondering why anyone would like to send this picture to me. How is it connected to me? Why did the sender thought that I would like it? These are difficult questions. But upon reflection, I was able to see some connections.

The death of an angel is no ordinary event. It is an event of enormous proportions. It is spread out in centuries. And the time of its happening is no ordinary time. It must be a time out of joint.

The modern age is the age of the death of God and all the gods associated with Him. Nietzsche proclaimed the Death of God a century before. But this sculpture seems to precede him. It shows that the gods are being chased away from earth, as she is conquered by the sovereign and all powerful man. Now, the angels are in mourning. They are weeping and dying.

Look at the picture and you will find that a darkness, an ominous and terrible darkness is falling all over, as the angel lies dead nearby. This darkness is Nihilism. Nihilism is precisely that who have killed the angel and established his dominion over the earth. It is incarnated in modern man and his technological power. The modern age is the age of Nihilism. We all are living under its shadow. What is more terrible than that is that it lives within us. We are living Nihilism.

The question now is that what is the future of mankind after the domination of Nihilism. Most people will go after shallow optimism that we should live so and so and then we will be freed. But I don't think so. It is impossible for man to set himself free from the clutches of Nihilism.

Ok. Then you mean to say that the evil has won forever?


I want to suggest that Nihilism can't be defeated with a merely human effort. Some power beyond humanity is necessary to defeat it. This power can come in the form of an event. We will have to pray for that. And we will have to prepare ourselves for it. We, who are not worthy of its arrival yet.

With Derrida, we will have to learn to say:

Viens! oui oui.


  1. nice picture, good commenet!!!

    Kuldeep singh dhillon

  2. That is a stunning picture! It could keep you mesmerized for hours!

  3. Hi Mukta,

    I was also stunned by this picture when I first saw it. It reminds me of Heidegger's talk about the 'flight of the gods' from modern world. Heidegger blamed it on the dominance of technology and consequent nihilism.

    Nihilism is the proper word to describe the contemporary human condition. I can a remember post by you in which you said living alone in a metro awakens one's primordial fears. This feeling of the primordial fear is Nihilism. It resides within us. And we live as though there is no such thing.
    The structures of power which are controlling the entire world today, exploit this very fear.

    I wonder often if there is any way to conquer it. I am not certain, but there are things which give us temporary relief from it.

  4. You have written nice description for this picture.Can you write a poem/mahiya for this?

  5. nice picture and good view on the picture...keep it up we really like your finding ....
    from laddi
    a.k.a (bulle shah)


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