The Fragrance of Radical Hermeneutics and the Darkness of the Id

A few days ago, I came across these lines on H's blog:

"This flesh called "our body" often brings with it many emotions that are not exactly pious and drive us into the world of darkness. But I am in no way saying that darkness can always be a bad thing. If God created light, then offcourse he created darkness too, and offcourse self-awareness always can make you not only learn the vast light within you, but also the darkness in you too."

And after a few days, I received a comment by K. which runs thus:

"Although dangerous, this species of thought is certainly the most fragrant – the most beautiful indeed. What is so compelling about this thought? It allows one to love uninhibitedly – honestly and without the residual dark mask that looms perpetually overhead, visible to the other yet hidden from the self: the id. "

The species of thought about which K. is talking about is called Radical Hermeneutics besides other names.

A chain is being formed here.

The intellectual lineage of the West is heavily burdened by metapysics. We have been constructed through modern institutions of education to think in terms of binary oppositions.

e.g. Light vs. Darkness

Where everything good stands on the side of light and everything negative on the side of darkness. H. has already started to deconstruct this metaphysical pattern of thinking while wrestling with her own solitude. But K. has contextualised this move in the field of existential resistance against metaphysics which goes by the names of postmodernism, continental philosophy, post-structuralism etc. But the hidden potent force working behind their thoughts has a common name: Love, although the adjectives differ. H. calls it the unbiased love while K. says it is uninhibited love. Both are aware about the dark sides of the human psyche while not being wholly negative about that darkness. When one thinks in terms of stark oppositions then the thinking starts to loose its freshness. That is what has happened to the 2500 years of western thought. The society in which we live today is the result of 2500 years of metaphysical thinking. The institutions which are built by by the technological thinking has determined the patterns of thinking of the very large portions of humanity. The most potent institution of all is the one which we all have attended: The School. The others are mental hospital, psychoanalysis, prison, military and the work place.

But there is thing which cuts across the highly comlex network of these institutions like a sharp edged sword. It is Love, when it becomes unbiased or uninhibited. But there is no easy way to get that. The very first step toward it goes through solitude, which is almost always felt by every blogger. Solitude is essential to the exercise of blogging. You will find that most extrovert people don't have blogs. But whenever one tries to confront one's solitude, one gets caught in a vicious circle. The more one lives with oneself the more one becomes narcissistic. No one can conquer one's darkness with his/her own effort. It is simply beyond the possibilities of merely human endeavour, much less the effort of a single person. There must be an other. The other which saves the narcissism from becoming absolute. In simple words, love needs an other to exist, otherwise the love in question must be an other love.


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