MAHATANTRIC interrogates me

This conversation took place sometime during this summer at Amritsar. The main interlocutors are me and Kuldeep. The topic of the talk can roughly said to be the human condition at this particular historical juncture and the role religion and spirituality can play in this situation of crisis which can be named as Nihilism.

P.S.- It was recorded by Laadi with his mobile phone without our knowing it.


  1. Hi

    So far the idea is really nebulous in my head. But i really wanted to study phenomenology or historiography - as in any discipline that analyzes the research method. The spotlight is usually on some area that is being researched, but I want to learn about the way research is done. Or it need not even be could just be the way we look at things and process information.

    As is clear, I would like to study something along these lines.

  2. SSA Veer g,
    this recording is not audible ..even i couldn't download... Can you please send this by e-mail as an attachment??

  3. Actually, this recording was made with a mobile phone. So, its voice quality is not very good. Either you listen it through headfones or with bigger speakers. The file is to big(50mb) to be emailed. And it has the same voice quality. So there is no use of getting the original file.


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