Modern woman is obsessed with her freedom. Modern feminist liberation movement has taught her that she is enslaved in this male dominated world and she needs to be liberated from this slavery.
At first sight, this seems quite natural and rightful. But upon deeper inspection, one can see that she is being duped with this lollipop of freedom.
The freedom offered by modern value system to women is the freedom of reducing herself to the state of "mere mutton". Mere mutton is term used by Professor Puran Singh to describe the self-degradation of modern woman. But amazingly, modern woman is not yet ready to acknowledge the fact that her so called freedom was a shrewd move by men to enslave her completely.
The worst victims of this fraud are educated women from third-world countries who are living in western world. The modern capitalist socio-cultural setup of contemporary world is based upon men's desires and their satisfaction by any means. Consumtion is essentially a masculine trait. Men by nature are hunters. While woman contains that spirit within her which is manifested in such phenomenon as natality, naurishment, sustenance, care, love and aesthetic sensibility. Modern woman, in her ignorence and arrogance, is shunning these qualities and reducing herself into a hunted prey.
Then, where is a woman's true liberation?

It is not in the fatal attractions of her body.
It is not in her efforts to live life like men.
It is not her financial independence.

Perhaps, it lies in her singular modes of resistence to the dominant patriarchal structures of all the socio-political institutions.


  1. "The worst victims of this fraud are educated women from third-world countries who are living in western world."

    Says who? Pretty bold statement to have without a source.

  2. Who has provided this evidence that educated women from third world nations living in western world are reducing themselves to the state of “mere mutton.”? What is the evidence? Your whole argument in this post is passive and unclear on the source of information.

  3. REspected Miss P.,

    My argument is active enough to disrupt the calm and somewhat passive presuppositions of a punjabi american young lady, who is herself the victim of american capitalist cultural machine which reducing women into "mere mutton".

    The strongest evidence is my favor is your over-reaction to my post. Other sources are also there, but you will have to read some really difficult texts in order to be familiar with them.

    I would suggest you to read some of postmodern feminist authors such as Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray to understand how contemporary world is structured to oppress women and different cultural practices.

    Anyways, if you consider yourself a free woman of a free world, then why are you being anonymous.

  4. Interesting! Let me think what freedom really means to me, as a educated woman from third world country living in west!

  5. What is this me? Is it a Self, subjectivity or some objectified entity? Your claim of "I", the feminine is problematic. We need to get out of the fixed notions of the gender identity in order to have proper conversation. I would be interested in having a serious discussion on the matter if we could start with an examination of the very grounding of our ideas.

  6. I like your thoughts on women. About discussing freedom, then it is true that everyone despised slavery in any form, not only the women. You are saying that the worst victims are women from third world countries living in west. But I think same is the situation for men(in west) also. Title of this topic is still feminine.Title of the issue does not justify with the exact reflection of your true thoughts. Like the feminine thinkers, you are also comparing some superficial qualities of men and women. With all these nice thoughts, which provides you a unique personality from other thinkers, is there any need to write/discuss on such topics? One thing that always disturbs me why every writer/poet wants to write on the issues of women whether what she/he thinks about women. Is there no issue to discuss about men? There is no need. O I am also doing the same, Comparison between men and women, that which I always do not want. Then what are the reasons….. “Why the our mind goes out of track when we are going to discuss such issues?” The writer always wants to save himself (from feminine kinds).
    But according to sikhi, we all are departed beloved souls from him. Check out your own poetry, beloved soul wants to unite with his true self.

    “Difference between a writer and a poet.” Or “Brain and Heart.”

  7. Hi Anonymou(S.),

    I can understand what are you trying to say. If I am right, it is something like this:

    The issues like women vs. men arise due to humanity's fatal desire to conceptually define life. But the undesired fallout of this desire is that life starts to be robbed of its own mystery and beauty. Life, above all, is a flow. Everything is fluid in it. While, on the other hand, the movement of man's intellect is toward rigidification of things otherwise fluid in nature.
    Who is poet? A poet is that person who confronts the fluidity of life as it is and does not try to conceptualise it. Instead, he lets his own subjectivity to melt down which results in a softening of his/her language. The language of poetry is always fluid. While the language of science and philosophy is heavy. This linguistic trasformation can serve as a model of our life. Life is lived best in those moments only when we exist in a melted state, like water, pure and transparent.
    It can't be possible without an other. No, it happpens precisely at that moment when the other and the self melt together and move towards such union in which they become completely indistinguishable. Such metaphors are used by Guru Sahiban in Gurbani to describe our union with Waheguru.
    Such should be the ideal of life, if need any: Water flowing in water.

  8. I am sorry to see that you are trying to understand like and its phenomenon from books! and trying to understand women from feminist writers? To know people one has to be in all kinds of relationships(especially the dark ones) with people. I see naivity in your posts. And to quote Prof Puran Singh's comment on modern women's state!This is 2008. Society has changed so much since a hundred years ago.
    I do not mean be rude but would suggest you try develop a few liaison with women, go out, date them. Have sex with more women and in more ways.
    More women you bed more you would set to know that all this talk is plain stupid.
    You would then understand you hardly know women. And stop reading these stupid books. Its childish.

  9. Your comment has made me laugh so much after so many years.


  10. I agree. Dude watch Angelina baby in Original Sin.

  11. I don't agree Dude. Your comment and the one provided by the "anonymous" thinking free and liberated woman are further perpetuating the objectification of women. You would then understand that you hardly know women, and modern society and its embedded subtleties.

  12. its like throwing a pebble in the calm waters, and watching the ups and downs.
    everything going astray.

  13. Women's liberation is not just about 'sexual liberation' or about the way women look.

    Tradditionally women ARE entrapped in Patriarchy. It is a woman who leaves her home when marrying not a man. She is looked down upon by traddition when she wishes to aid her frailing parents after marriage. 'Pichey da dekhdia'! It is the woman who gives up her desires, financial independance and stays at home and tends to offspring upon giving birth.

    Education offers women the right to choose. Afterall is freedom not every human beings birth right?

    Think about it. Who created the rules of tradition and Why?


  14. ps. love your blog


  15. Hi Satvinder,

    Thanks for your comments and appreciation.
    What I have tried to convey through this post is something like this:

    WE are today living in a modern society. And this modern society is supposed to be by most of us the ideal model of society. Which in my opinion is not right approach. There are many shortcomings of modern society too. I am suggesting that we should take refuge in tradition because I know that tradition too has its own problem. But today, we need to think and move beyond this dichotomy of modern/tradition. There can be alternative ways to organising our lives which are still undreamt and which are awaiting for us in the future.

    But if we are trapped into our commitment to modernism or any traditional way of living, then we become unable to envision any alternative way. Look at the last line of my post. I have emphasised that woman must resist in her own sigular fashion all the forms of patriarchy. Modernism in my opinion is a veiled form of patriarchy and it has robbed women of all their sense of honor.

    Think about and if you like to read, there are some postmodern french feminist writers who have done work in this direction, Like Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray.

    Anyways, keep on thinking about these issues and I thank you again for your generous comments.

  16. Like you I agree that we need not define ourselves by rules of tradition or by modern dictate.

    With regards to modern cultures being veiled forms of patriarchy - I absolutely agree...

    the whole idea of sexual liberation of the woman merely feeds the desires of men and offers no other merit to the woman.

    'Honour' is a complicated subject and is a term which is imposing rather than liberating. I prefer to consider self respect as a more apt term.

    Above all I think individuals need to be taught to think for themselves and it should be acceptable for people to not follow norms.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I'm always thinking about these issues! :)

  17. oops I keep forgeting to post my name - that was satvinder again in the above comment!

  18. Good to hear that you are already aware about the concealed patriarchy of modern culture.

    But also remember that it was same modern culture which has given rise to the alienated personalities who "think for themselves". With the rise of modernism, a selfish and alienated individuality was also born.
    While on the other hand, life of love is always a life lived for the other. What is the use of living for only oneself. Look at the sacrifices made by our parents for us. They have lived for us. That why we are today capable of bearing the hardships of world around us. In Gurbani too, the ideal man or Gurmukh is said to be Parupkari, he lives for the good of others. He asks for the wellbeing of all of humanity(SArbat Da Bhala).

    So we must rethink this notion of 'thinking for ourselves'. It has been secretly imposed upon us.
    The only difference between tradition and modernity is that tradition imposes its dictats violently and with force while modernity uses more covert means and operates by way of seduction.

    Thanks for inspiring more thought.


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