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Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Place in Baghdad

Last year, this place was destroyed by some fanatics. How sad and painful this is. This place was so beautiful. It does possess a spiritual aura. What kind of evil mind that can be, which can harm such a serene and peaceful place?
Our age has witnessed an unprecedented dominance of evil on earth, evil which is totally devoid of humanity. Political power is the sole seat of this power. But the question is, in this age of dehumanization of politics, what can we do restore an atmosphere of compassion and respect for the other and to defeat this narcissistic evil in the form of sovereign power? Isn't it necessary to reinvent the very notion of politics anew? Can we go on living without a new and hitherto unheard of and unseen form of the political? Is not the very notion of life is under threat today? The constant ossification of life must stop before it blossoms anew.
We must reinvent a new politics based on the love of life if we wish to see places like that preserved for posterity.