1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hello.

    Please remove my poem from this blog. I no longer want it on the internet. I hope you understand and respect my rqeuest.

  3. It was you who put it up.
    I never asked you to do it.
    Now you are asking me to remove it, but I won't do it unless you disclose your identity and tell me your real problem.

  4. Please just respect my request. I will not post any more poems on your blog.
    thank you

  5. I will respect your request but at least tell me what it is that compelled you to make such request.

    What has changed in between your posting the poem and now?

    I think you too should respect my request.

  6. It is in a compilation of poems that I have written in the past few months. I am considering publishing these and have to ensure that they are not posted anywhere.


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