Some Pictures from Baghdad

Gurdwara Sahib at Baghdad.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji 's Potrait by muslim artist in Baghdad

"Behold! How a wish has been fulfilled by Holy and High Providence. That the building of Baba Nanak has been newly built with the help of seven autat (great valis). That the happy murad of God (Baba Nanak) has started a fountain of grace issuing new water in the land. 917 Hijri"

This inscription was on the outside of the gurastahn

Inside the Gurdwara Sahib

Map of Baghdad in 1931 shows the location of Guru Nanak's shrine. It is one mile to the right of river Tigris and a mile-and-half from Baghdad Railway Station West, between two railway lines.Image rotated 90 degree form source document

Possible location of Gurdwara in Baghdad from the air


  1. Thank you for putting these pictures up. Now the next step would be to find poetry written around the time Guru Nanak Dev ji was in Baghdad... this would give us a true depiction of the way the people there perceived Guru Nanak Dev Ji...and maybe even give us more information about him. Sufi poetry may be the key.

  2. Yeah,

    If you find anything, please let me know.


  3. I am sure once you get started, you will be astonished as to the number of poems that you will find. I cannot help you as i do not read Urdu.

    Good Luck!

  4. The problem is that me too do not know Urdu.

    By the way, language used in Iraq is Arabic and not Urdu.

  5. hahhehee..ok..the definately I cannot help you then :)

  6. Can any one get in touch with some one in Baghdad to help us find the divine poetry of Guru Nanak? The local person must be knowing the local language. He can search in Sufi books & around the Gurdwara from oldest people living there. There is no harm in trying. You never know, how Guru Nanak can depute some one for Holy job. Rabb Rakha.


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