Sikh Students Conference - UC Berkeley

This year's Sikh Students Conference attempts to shed light on the contemporary Sikh experience along with the event of 1984 through a Sikh vision of nation, religion and history. Amongst wider issues of Sikh spirituality, professors will engage the academic ground functional in converting the Sikhs’ spirit since the premier moment of colonialization. The 2009 conference marks an engagement with these issues as Sikhs continue to maintain the sacredness of Amritsar in their daily remembrance.

Professor Balbinder Singh Bhogal (Sardarni Kuljit Kaur Bindra Chair in Sikh Studies, Hofstra University) will lead, over the span of four days, the primary lecture series. Professor Bhogal will lecture on topics including the Sikh code of conduct, the Sikh vision of history and time, and related issues building up to the issue of 1984.

Harjeet Grewal (PhD candidate in Sikh Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor),
will a series of lectures on topics as various as Bhai Gurdas, the colonial legacy, and hermeneutics in the context of the Sikh vision of time and conflict.

A complete list of speakers can be found at

Lectures will be accompanied with free-ranging discussions allowing participants more intimate environment to engage scholars, or to just listen. Discussions are organized not only to allow students a more personal connection with professors, but also to further allow professors to grasp the lives and concerns of young students.

Room & Board
Students will stay at Westminster House, a campus affiliated hotel designed specifically for students. The Westminster House is located adjacent to campus.

Dining will be provided. UC Berkeley is also home to an eclectic and renowned tradition of cuisine both close to campus and throughout the city. Participants will enjoy ample time afforded to explore Berkeley's rich history, and will enjoy smooth transportation throughout the city. Students unfamiliar with Berkeley's offering will by provided a thorough list of Berkeley's historic offerings.


Berkeley is warm throughout the summer without being too hot, which lends itself to a variety of sports and outdoor activities. Berkeley is also in close proximity to San Francisco, and several beaches. More on this will be posted shortly.


  1. Amongst wider issues of Sikh spirituality, professors will engage the academic ground functional in converting

    Are there any professors coming other than professor boghal?

  2. Transformation can take place in thinking when such seminars take place. Being introduced to various trains of thought only widens one's own perspectives and knowledge. Spirituality is universal and cannot be confined to a I don't think that the terms Sikh spirituality makes sense.

    It would be interesting to see who will be presenting at the seminars and what specific discussions will take place. I praise the efforts of these individuals and their love for strengthening people's awareness of sikhi :)

  3. When people keep focusing upon the violence of our history, when will they ever initiate a step forward in harmony???? Thoughts becomes words that become actions. Its about time that people focused upon the beauty of sikhi as opposed to the repetition of the violence that has been inflicted upon us. It does not mean that we forget it, but it means that we move forward with an intention of preventing it from ever occurring again. If you look at those who only focus upon violence in our history, you will see that they have no understanding of how to bring peace to the world.

  4. Can you post the video too?
    The one that just shows a bunch of talking about nothing, and then some pretty cute girls?
    I want to go to a conference in which it seems like all you do is go to bonfires, talk about Sikhism and buddhism, and hang out with cuties!!! Eff Jakarta, this is the REAL conference to have fun at!!!

  5. Finally, a platform for serious students to learn from true Sikh treasure namely Professor Balbinder Singh Bhogal and Professor Prabhsharandeep Singh, as well as scholarly figures like Harjit Grewal, PhD candidate in Sikh Studies, University of Michigan, Puneet Kaur Dhillon, University of Michigan, Randeep Singh, UC Berkeley, and Amandeep Singh, Stony Brook University. Finally, a place to exchange ideas and engage is a genuine discourse. Hopefully fine commentators like the one who wrote on here on May 30th will refrain from honoring the rest of us from his/her grace- and rather, he/she will do us a huge favor and go look for cuties elsewhere- Jakara seems to have a great venue with singers like Humble the Poet who is all about “impressing the cuties”- as per HIS facebook.

  6. Dear Jakarites,

    Please do not panic!
    Its quiet simple: your time is up!
    Thats how it works.
    People have seen enough of your bakwass!
    And people will see what happens at Berkeley, you are welcome to join too...

    Shubh chintak;)

  7. If only the world had more Gandhi-type-peace-loving idiots who choose to "forget" (though ever so "creatively" under the umbrella of "creating" peace)Sikhs would be precicely be forgotten, and Sikhi would annihilate itself. Peace has its place, and faith its own! Its time you woke up! Anyway, this Berekely thing- I'm really interested, and with all due respect to Jakara, I have never learned anything from them. I would like to come to Berekely, if someone can give me more info.


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