First Impressions of Vancouver

Last week in our methodology class, we were given the task of interviewing one fellow classmate as part of class participation. I and Yasmin interviewed each other. As we both are relatively new to Vancouver, we talked about our first impressions of life in Vancouver. Interesting and surprisingly, we both agreed that despite its breathtaking natural beauty, its wonderful cherry blossoms in spring, Vancouver is a depressing place to live in.

Yasmin is originally from East coast and living in Vancouver for more than two years. Here is my brief conversation with her about Vancouver:

What were your first impressions when you arrived in Vancouver?

I thought that the city is much smaller than what I originally imagined. I was very impressed by the natural beauty. I felt that people were very polite.

Vancouver is always among the top cities in terms of living standard, however, it has also been declared as a depressing city? What is your take on that?

I think that it is one of the top cities in terms of amenities and natural beauty. But you don’t necessarily have the access to all these great things. Because of excessive rain, you cannot enjoy nature. There are also some social problems like poverty and drug abuse. These problems are not adequately addressed by administration and commonly ignored by people.

After living in Vancouver for over two years, have your impressions changed about this city than when you first arrived here?

Yes, they have. I think I am just as impressed with the natural beauty and that city is quite smaller. However, I have realized that although people are friendly but it is difficult to establish contacts because people are withdrawn to themselves.
People only like to have close ties with friends and family. Culture is also important. People are more conservative here.

What kind of changes would you like to see to make Vancouver better?

Addressing the issue of downtown eastside is very important. To remove poverty and drug addiction is also important.

Extending public transportation will help. Better snow removal is another issue demanding attention of city administration.

What is the best aspect of living in Vancouver?

Nature. Mountains and beach are breathtakingly beautiful. Mountains are only a short drive away.


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