An Ode to the Postcolonial

Yesterday, Prof. Gayatri Spivak was at UBC. Her talk was entitled The Only Activism I know which was focussed more around her work in tribal areas of West Bengal than her theoretical interventions. It was a wonderful event attended by wonderful people. Thoughout the more than 3 hours long event, there was pin-drop silence.Here are some pictures and my impressions of the event:

Prof. Gayatri Spivak
Prof. Gayatri Spivak, Sneja Gunew, Renisa Mawani & me.

The Age of the World Picture
is turning terrible
runs wildly
seeking refuge
Shrieking an unintelligible jargon
singing her scattered subjectivity.

World Picture is moving
& The Age is convulsing
to rid itself
of its disjointed centre
The centre is chasing
exasperated Guernica.

Guernica meets Ravi
who is mourning
The death of her sisters
Her mourning is singing
Soothing Guernica
Guernica sits down
On Ravi's quiet flowing surface
Slowly leening herself into liv*.

*Liv-leen is a Sikh spiritual-poetic term signifying immersion of subjectivity into a musical harmony through loving remembrance. This term was creatively used by great Punjabi poet Prof. Harinder Singh Mahboob.

Photo credits: Fernanda Selayzin D Souza, Indira Prahst & Fatima Jaffer.


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